Valdobbiadene GENIUS by Clara C’

| Valdobbiadene GENIUS by Clara C’

Black. Essential. Elegant. Iconic. This is the label born from the collaboration between Clara C’ and Genius People Magazine, the book magazine that narrates stories of Italian excellence.
Excellence of the grapes and great attention to detail, with utmost attention to the image, labels, bottles, packaging and communication in a wider sense.
Genius means narrating people, the protagonists of our time, valorizing their stories and their success. Today, thanks to Valdobbiadene GENIUS by Clara C’, these stories will be narrated with an exclusive label and a fresh, contemporary, high-quality wine.

Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. GENIUS by Clara C’ is the result of the collaboration with Genius People Magazine, the book-magazine that narrates the stories of people and protagonists of our times.

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