Cantinæ Clara C’

Clara Carpenè founded the Cantinæ Clara C’ in 2004 in the heart of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore terroir, the most prestigious and renowned territory for the production of Prosecco.

Clara’s family wrote the first pages of the history of Prosecco. Today, she embraces this heritage and continues with the next chapter. She is the daughter of Antonio Carpenè Jr (1913-2010), the wine entrepreneur who contributed to creating the world and the industry of Prosecco as we know them today. Clara is also the great grand-daughter of the man who first had an intuition about the potential of this grapes, starting the production of Prosecco Spumante (Antonio Carpenè Sr, 1838 – 1902).

Clara created the brand Clara C’ combining the best Italian tradition with an innovative and feminine vision of the Prosecco market, working side by side with the finest grapes producers of the territory to obtain the highest quality level.

Marta Pasquon has been standing by Clara’s side since the very beginning, developing and coordinating the company’s project to build up a solid positioning in the Premium and Super Premium Prosecco segment, offering a high-quality product to the Italian and international market.

The Company today

As an ever-expanding company, Cantinæ Clara C’ can boast a high growth potential both in Italy and worldwide. The brand is already present in 15 countries, all the way to the Far East, through the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, selected retail stores and a distribution network dedicated to the US market.

The recently renewed winery, nested among the hills of Valdobbiadene, welcomes visitors in an elegant and comfortable space, ideal for tastings and small pairing events.
The facility extends over 2,000 sq m, it includes a modern and efficient plant, with a potential output of 7,500 hectoliters, a storing capacity of 5,500 hectoliters and a rifermentation capacity of 16,000 hectoliters every year.

Our logo

A dragon biting its own tail while pierced by a sword, surrounded by the heraldic symbol of a noble house.

The logo of Cantinæ Clara C’ is an homage to history and tradition: it is a reproduction of an original fresco found on the walls of the ancient house in Treviso that has been passed down for generations to the women of the family, all the way to Clara Carpenè.

This fresco, a symbol of continuous renewal, transformation and rebirth, dates back to the XII century and it was brought to light during the latest renovation of the building.

The uroboro (from the Greek word οὐροβόρος, where urà, means “tail” and boròs, means “biting”), a snake biting its own tail forming an endless circle, is an ancient symbol used by the Egyptian to represent the eternal movement and the energy of the Universe. In alchemic tradition, the uroboro is the image of a transformation process.

A representation that evokes a double value for Clara C’: on the one hand, the transformation of wine to become Prosecco, on the other hand, the feminine entrepreneurial spirit, able to renovate a long-lasting family tradition.

Fiori di Prosecco, the Premium Prosecco brand

The Cantinæ Clara C’ develop various brands and labels, united by the same passion for quality, for the Italian production tradition and for the control of origin: Fiori di Prosecco, Fiori di Cartizze, Feminine Prosecco, Brutissimo, Fiori Rosè and La Casa dei Fiori.

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