| Fiori Di Cartizze Dry

Valdobbiadene Superiore Di Cartizze Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita

Fiori Di Cartizze Dry
Fiori Di Cartizze Dry

This wine is very pale straw-yellow in color with a persistent perlage of minute bubbles. It is intensely fruity and floral with very persistent and delicate perfumes. Good mature fruit (golden apples in particular) and wisteria blossoms make themselves evident. Fiori di Cartizze is gentle, caressing and fresh as well as rounded and well-structured. a wine that has great harmony and a long, intense aromatic persistence. Decisively fruity on the finish. Enjoyed as a dessert wine or gran finale, it can also go wonderfully well with certain cheeses or a delicate liver paté.

Fiori Di Cartizze Dry
Alcohol content: 11% by vol.
Serving temperature: 5-7° C (approx. 41-45° F), uncorking the bottle just before serving.
Sugar residual: about 28 gr/Ltr. Data sheet
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