| Clara C’ Fiori Rosé

Spumante Italiano Rose’ Di Pinot Brut

Clara C’ Fiori Rosé
Clara C’ Fiori Rosé

Delicate pale pink in color, this wine is brilliant with a very fine and continuous perlage. The bouquet, pronounced, persistent and very fine, offers a wide range of fruit aromas, bringing to mind peaches, apricots and red currants. Dry and refreshing on the palate, well structured and superbly soft, it offers a harmonious balance of sensations and fruity finish. Fiori Rosè goes very well with cold cuts, non-stuffed pasta and roasted withe meats.

Clara C’ Fiori Rosé
Alcohol content: 12% by vol.
Serving temperature: 5-7° C (approx. 41-45° F), uncorking the bottle just before serving.
Sugar residual: about 10 gr/Ltr. Data sheet
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